Are you sick of Computer Techs you can't understand?

Let's face it, if you understand what you are talking about, and are not just sprouting remembered specifications,
you can explain things in simple terms.
The staff at I.T. Physician know that not everyone wants to be a computer guru but they still like to know what's going on. We are happy to take the time, so you understand what you are getting or why you need a particular item.

The I.T Physician has over 20 years of I.T. Experience and one of the original Highfields I.T. specialists (Formerly I.T. Magic)

I.T. Physician specialises in
Internet Security                    Firewalls
Virus Protection                    Computer Repairs
Spyware                    Computer Sales
Web Solutions                   Laptops
Retail Web Sites                    Computer Peripherals
Web Site Hosting                    Networking
Domain Registration                    Computer Tuition
Web Site Packages                    Electronics Design

So you know you are in capable hands!